The Non destructive Testing (NDT) is a set of methods allowing to characterize the state of integrity of structures or materials, without degrading them and in various stages of their life cycle.

The objective of the NDT is the highlighting of all the imperfections susceptible to distort the availability, the safety of employment and/or more generally the conformity of a product with the use for which it is intended.

Radiographic Testing

Radiographic Testing is a procedure of NDT which consists in obtaining an image of the density of material of an object crossed by an electromagnetic radiation X or Gamma.

Ultrasonics Testing

The principle of the Ultrasonics consists in emitting an ultrasonic wave which propagates in the part to be checked and is reflected, in the style of an echo, on the obstacles which it meets (anomalies, limits of the part).

Magnetic Testing

Magnetic Testing is used to detect discontinuities of surface, resulting on surface or underlying, exclusively on ferromagnetic materials.

Penetrant Testing

Penetrant Testing allows to detect the discontinuities resulting on surface of the part controlled in the form of colored or fluorescent indications, respectively checked on a white bottom or a black bottom.

Positive Material Identification

The Positive Identification of the Materials (PMI) is essential to verify that the supplied materials are in accordance with the specifications of their own.

Eddy Current Testing

Eddy Currents Testing consist in creating, in materials electrical conductors, induction currents by a variable magnetic field, by means of a sensor.

Visual and Optical Testing

The outside state of a room can give information detailed on the state of this one: obvious defects.


Endoscopy Testing allows to examine at distance the inside of capacities, pipings, by means of a flexible or stiff optical system.

Hardness Measurement

Hardness Measurement as for goal to determine the superficial hardness of metals.

Ferrite Content

Ferrite Content is a Non-destructive testing control that allows to determine the content of the ferrite in given steel.