ISO 9001 & ISO 9100

MARLIER SA was again ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certified in July, 2013.

They are very important certifications for the company because these standards allow to approve the conformity of the “Management system of the Quality” (SMQ).

The EN 9100 allowed to acquire the Aéronautique and Spatial market, market shares of which are in height expansion.

By basing itself on the Management system of the Quality, the society wants to press on the continuous improvement with a functioning in PDCA (Wheel of Deming).

PART 145

PART 145 is an approval of maintenance and repair.
(The European Civil Aeronautics imposes rules on the bodies which maintain aircrafts or equipments of aircrafts. We are in the obligation to apply the regulations of maintenance to be able to deliver a certificate of seaworthiness (EASA Form1) for the repaired or revised equipments.

A list of the competent staff is authorized APRS (Authorization for put back in Service) what allows us to draw up the EASA Form 1 and to make the return to the customer of the elements of aircrafts with their certificates.


NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) certification is the main global collaborative program between large companies (Aerospace Manufacturing and Defense Contractors Group).

It was created to manage a consensual economic approach to special processes and processes.

It is used primarily to ensure continuous improvement in the aerospace sector on a common repository for all companies being accredited.

Ordering institutions

Marlier SA is recognized and qualified for its non-destructive testing services by companies, leaders in their respective fields, such as Airbus or Dassault.